Chimney Cap Replacement, Winston-Salem, NC

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If your chimney cap isn’t functional or appealing, ask about our chimney cap replacement services.

When a new home is built in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area that has a fireplace, the builder will have followed code requirements and installed a chimney cap. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is one that you like. At Smithrock Roofing, we offer chimney cap replacement services to upgrade an existing chimney cap that doesn’t function as well as you’d like or isn’t as stylish as you want.

Chimney Cap Replacement in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

There are a few signs that your chimney cap isn’t the ideal one for your situation. If you struggle to keep a fire going in your fireplace or wood stove, it may be that the chimney cap isn’t properly regulating airflow. You may be getting too little or too much air. If it isn’t rated for hurricanes, you might only notice problems when it is very windy. With chimney cap replacement to a high-wind version, you will stop having those issues.

Another problem you could be having with your chimney cap is either the wrong one was installed, or it has become damaged, and debris and pests are falling into your chimney. Sometimes the chimney cap can be repaired, but if that isn’t a feasible solution, we will recommend chimney cap replacement instead.

If you have reached out to us for roofing services, we are also happy to take a look at the chimney cap to see if it needs replacement. Of course, if you would like to upgrade to something more stylish, just let us know, and we’ll go over the various options that we have to for chimney cap replacement. Contact us today to learn more.

At Smithrock Roofing, we provide chimney cap replacement for customers in Winston-Salem, High Point, Pfafftown, Kernersville, Clemmons, Greensboro, and King, North Carolina.