Can Roof Replacement Increase My Home's Value?

HomeBlogCan Roof Replacement Increase My Home’s Value?

Replacing your home’s roof will definitely increase your home’s value! The good news is that a roof replacement also comes with many other added benefits.

Can Roof Replacement Increase My Home's Value?

On average, replacing your home’s roof will give you a return of anywhere between 60-80% on your investment and can increase your home’s value by around $12,000. Roof replacement is a huge selling point to potential homebuyers and can give your home a significant advantage over other prospects. Buyers prefer move-in-ready homes, and a newly replaced roof fits that bill.

A new roof can also raise your home’s value by drastically improving curb appeal. In addition, with all the colors and varieties of roofs available, roof replacement can give your home a fresh, updated look. A new roof can also make your home more energy-efficient, appealing to potential homebuyers. This means lower utility bills and more pocket money.

Lastly, replacing your roof can offer peace of mind by providing your family with a safer, healthier environment. For example, a newer roof is less likely to leak moisture, preventing mold problems. A newer roof is also sturdier, protecting your family from falling debris such as overturned trees.

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