Five Reasons Your Home Can Benefit from Gutters

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Gutters can be an excellent addition to your new or existing structure and provide physical and aesthetic benefits. They can be a somewhat costly investment for homeowners, but the investment pays for itself in the long run.

Five Reasons Your Home Can Benefit from Gutters

Here are five reasons your home can benefit from gutters:

  1. Landscape and soil protection. Without proper gutters, water flows directly off a roof and usually pools at the corners. This can pour down on top of your landscaping, ruining plants and causing ruts in soil. Gutters can prevent this by having the water flow directly down a downspout to the desired location.
  2. Keep your roof in top shape. There is likely plywood and tar paper lining your roof underneath the shingles, and there may be spaces between the shingles where water can seep through. Gutters prevent pooling water on your roof, providing extra protection for your roof, fascia, and soffit.
  3. Improve your home’s appearance. Gutters provide a clean, streamlined look to your home and are available in many complimentary colors. Gutters also prevent unsightly water and algae stains from forming on the exterior walls of your home, and their ability to divert moisture prevents your exterior paint from chipping.
  4. Keep yourself and your guests dry. Gutters prevent overflow from rainwater from splashing and flowing off your roof, making your home’s entrance a drier place for your family and guests.
  5. Eliminate insects. Unwanted pests such as mosquitos and termites are attracted to standing water. Gutters divert rainwater to designated areas, providing a place for the runoff to soak into the ground, eliminating the breeding grounds for these insects.