Protect the Foundation of Your Home with Gutters

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One of the most prominent reasons people install gutters on their homes is to eliminate the water dripping off their roofs and over their entryways. You may be surprised to find out that gutters have a much more important job than just diverting water to prevent you getting soaked on the way into the house.

Protect the Foundation of Your Home with Gutters

Gutters serve a very important purpose for your home by diverting the water that would be falling off the roof and straight down to the ground at the foundation of your house. This water, if not diverted, could also flow behind the exterior of your home and cause issues with your siding, brick, or other exterior materials. Damage can also occur to your windows and doors with this excess water exposure. In turn, this could damage your home and provide a space for mold to grow, which can pose serious risks to the occupants in the home- you and your family.

By allowing gutters to divert the flow of rainwater away from the foundation of your home, you are protecting the very foundation on which your home is built. Letting the ground remain soaked at the ground level of your home can contribute to erosion, exposing the foundation of your home to opportunistic elements that can damage the foundation further.

Other than the physical damage to your home, gutters also protect the beautiful landscaping around your home, keeping the roof runoff from damaging the plants and landscape elements you work so hard to maintain. And keeping the rain runoff from the roof from hitting the ground, it eliminates the splash effect that can cause staining to your home from the ground surrounding your home.

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